Track and Trace with SkyNet is convenient

All SkyNet stations in the world are linked to one SkyNet IT system. Track and Trace information is available everywhere at the same time and up to date. In our system we display for you only the relevant information. That is much easier for you to read.
And you find the T&T page in our home page, together with other frequent used tools. No difficult search, but one click is enough.
When there is a specific situation with your shipment, we display a message on the web and eventually an instruction for you when we need your help. But in such case our customer service people will have contacted you anyway.
There are different modes for you to find the status of the shipments you sent or will receive.
Track and Trace information is available through:

  • Internet (SkyNet Global website)
  • E-mail
  • Customized reports

You find in the home page of this website, , the button ‘Track your shipments’. In the page you can fill in more shipment numbers. Each number is unique in our network. You can not be confused that you look up a shipment number that was also used by another customer.
Also convenient is that you can track and trace with a reference number or word. That is easy for you and for other parties that need to find the status of the shipment.
When your shipment has not been delivered in time, you are notified by a specific message in the web site. The message provides a short reason and when applicable an instruction for you.

When you wish we can send Track and Trace information to one or more of your e-mail addresses for each shipment automatically. You can receive check-ins, comments (exceptions) and PODs.
Your local SkyNet station can activate this function for you.
Customized reports
When you are a big shipper, you can arrange with your local SkyNet station to receive specific PODs reports. Please contact you local SkyNet station for such request.